Our assets

Our assets consist of Tshipi, through a holding in Ntsimbintle Mining, Mokala Manganese, Hotazel Manganese Mines and Khwara Manganese.

Ntsimbintle Mining

  • Ntsimbintle Mining is 74% held by Ntsimbintle Holdings and 26% by ASX-listed OM Holdings via its wholly owned subsidiary OMH Mauritius Corp. OMH holds interests in manganese ore mining, smelting and trading businesses.
  • Ntsimbintle Mining is focused on the production and export of manganese ore via its 50.1% interest in Tshipi é Ntle Manganese Mining Proprietary Limited (“Tshipi”).

Tshipi: our premium asset

A world-class, long-life manganese ore asset
  • Tshipi operates the Tshipi Borwa Manganese Mine (“Tshipi Borwa”), an open pit manganese mine in the Kalahari Manganese Field (KMF) located in the Northern Cape of South Africa.
  • Tshipi exported 3.47 million tonnes of manganese ore in FY21 to reclaim the status of South Africa’s largest manganese ore exporter for the second time in three financial years. Production has been steadily growing over recent years to reach the maximum capacity of between 3.0 - 3.6Mtpa.
  • Tshipi completed a concept study during FY21 into the expansion of Tshipi Borwa’s production capacity to 4.5Mtpa. Based on the findings of this study, Tshipi expects the mine to reach steady state exports of 4.5 million tonne in 3 years, with an increase in manganese ore exports in year 2 and year 3, via a stepped approach.
  • For more information on Tshipi and the Tshipi Borwa Mine please visit Tshipi’s website at www.tshipi.co.za.

Ntsimbintle Marketing and Trading Pte

  • There is a well-established customer base for Tshipi’s manganese ore eager for its consistent grade and positive relationships have been established with customers since operations commenced.
  • The marketing of Tshipi Borwa ore is shared between Ntsimbintle Mining and Jupiter Kalahari, based on each shareholder’s effective shareholding. Ntsimbintle Mining’s right to market is conducted via Ntsimbintle Marketing and Trading Pte Ltd (37% of Tshipi Borwa ore) and OM Materials Pte Ltd (13% of Tshipi Borwa ore), both trading and marketing firms incorporated in Singapore. Ntsimbintle Marketing and Trading is 100% owned by Ntsimbintle Holdings.
  • Ntsimbintle Holdings took the decision, following the success of Tshipi é Ntle, to incorporate its own marketing entity in order to market its off-take from Tshipi as a 100% BEE-owned marketing entity. In addition to this, the establishment of this marketing entity ideally positions Ntsimbintle Holdings to take advantage of potential future marketing opportunities that could arise as a result of corporate activity.
  • In April 2018, Ntsimbintle Marketing and Trading was incorporated in Singapore.
  • In December 2019, Limeng International Trading (Tianjin) Co.Ltd, a stockpile business in China, was incorporated which is a 100% subsidiary of Ntsimbintle Marketing and Trading.

Mokala Manganese

  • In September 2013, Blue Falcon Trading 222 (Pty) Ltd acquired a 49% interest in the Gloria Remaining Extent prospecting right resulting in the establishment of Mokala Manganese (Proprietary) Limited.
  • Ntsimbintle Holdings owns 51% of the ordinary shares issued in Mokala.
  • Initially manganese ore mineable via an opencast mine, with possibility of extracting additional ore via an underground mine.
  • In December 2017, Mokala was awarded the mining right, and a decision was taken to build the mine.
  • Establishment of the site began in May 2020, with the first ore extracted in March 2021 and first export shipment in May 2021.

Hotazel Manganese Mines

  • Concluded a deal with Samancor Manganese, an established company with a track-record in manganese mining, in 2007.
  • Exchanged two small portions of mineral rights, contiguous to Samancor’s Mamatwan and Wessels mines, in exchange for a 9% preferential interest in Hotazel Manganese Mines.
  • Transaction provided Ntsimbintle Holdings with immediate ownership of profitable assets and their associated cash flow which helped fund the development of the Tshipi mine.

Khwara Manganese

  • In December 2016, Ntsimbintle Holdings reached agreement with Mn48 (Pty) Ltd (previously Lehating Mining) and Traxys Projects LP, its major shareholder, to amalgamate the Mn48 mining right and mining right in respect of Wessels North prospecting area.
  • The future mining right of the Wessels North prospecting right sold to Khwara Manganese Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ntsimbintle Holdings, is subject to Section 11 approval from the DMRE.
  • Once Khwara is awarded its mining right, the Mn48/Khwara amalgamated mine will form one of the few remaining high grade manganese deposits in the Kalahari Manganese Field with mineable manganese ore at a grade of 48% Mn.
  • Once amalgamated, Ntsimbintle Holdings will own a 23% share in the consolidated entity.